CPO Practice Pathway Important Announcement

Posted 06/29/2023 | Subspecialities

Action Steps Required to Prepare for 2030 CPO Practice Pathway Closure

If you are considering becoming subcertified in Complex Pediatric Otolaryngology (CPO) through the Practice Pathway, please be aware that this option will close after the 2030 CPO Exam administration. Though 2030 may seem like a long way off, we want to inform ABOHNS diplomates about action steps required in advance of this deadline.

The requirements below must be initiated by 2026 to apply for CPO subcertification through the Practice Pathway by 2030.

ABOHNS Primary Certification in good standing Required
Practice Setting Privileges at a facility with a NICU level III or equivalent during 4 consecutive years proximate to applying
Qualifying Cases 100 index cases performed during 4 consecutive years proximate to applying
Multidisciplinary Activities (i.e., cleft lip/palate clinic, VPI clinic, craniofacial clinic, NICU rounds, tumor boards) At least 12 activities per year during 4 consecutive years proximate to applying
Length of time to become subcertified Ends after the 2030 CPO Exam administration

For those applying on the Practice Pathway, the Exam must be passed by the end of 2030. After the CPO Exam is administered in 2030, the Practice Pathway will close. There will be no opportunity to take the Exam on the Practice Pathway after this time.

After 2030, the only option to become CPO subcertified will be through the Training Pathway, which requires completion of an ACGME-accredited fellowship during the 7 years prior to taking the Exam.

The CPO Exam eligibility criteria for the Practice and Training Pathways can be found on your ABOHNS physician portal.